• Referral Request

  • The Referral Process

    Once you have made the choice to receive services from PHASE, the referral process can begin. The typical Referral Process is outlined below:

    • Referral source (Case Manager, Residential Provider, etc) makes initial contact with PHASE Referral Manager. This may be an informational inquiry, setting up a tour, or request for a referral packet.
    • The referral packet is sent out with a letter detailing the mandatory information that is necessary to start an individual file.
    • If the packet is returned incomplete, PHASE will contact the source and request any additional remaining documents.
    • Arrowhead Transportation Company will be contacted with person’s address, accommodations needed, example: wheelchair accessible van, the number of days per week that transportation is being requested, etc.
    • When a completed referral packet is secured, the Admissions Committee will convene to review and determine if PHASE has the necessary staffing, expertise, and capacity to safely serve the referral.
    • If yes, the division Director will assign a Program Manager to set up an Admission meeting date.
    • At the Admissions meeting, the team will set a Service Initiation date (Start Date), which is typically five to ten business days following the Admissions meeting.


    To begin the referral process, please use the Referral Packet, below.

     Referral Packet
     Provider NPI & Historical Rates (7/1/2015)