• About Us

  • Where is PHASE located?

    PHASE serves East-Central Minnesota, and has program locations and offices located in Sandstone and Pine City. PHASE locations are convenient to I-35, Hwy 61, and Hwy 23.


    Who We Are

    We are non-profit human service agency that provides an array of employment-based services to adults with a diagnosis of a developmental disability, traumatic brain injury, or severe and persistent mental illness.


    PHASE Board of Directors & Executive Leadership

    Ron Osladil - Board Chair

    Don Peterson - Vice Chair

    Dean Ogdahl - Treasurer

    Todd White - Secretary

    John Cambronne

    John Eberhart

    Lisa Koski

    Susan Morris

    Cindy Olson

    Daryl Peterson

    Margaret Wentworth

    Heather Wynn


    Timothy Schmutzer - Executive Director


    Our History

    PHASE began as Pine County Developmental Achievement Center (PCDAC) in 1970 as a program for children with disabilities of preschool age. In 1972, the addition of an adult program had been added, and in 1976, PCDAC purchased and renovated a building in Sandstone. Here they began to provide services to adults aged 18-70. In 1976, a total of eight consumers attended the PCDAC. 

    After many years of growing, PHASE expanded their operations in 1991 to include an additional site in Pine City (now known as PHASE South), serving seven program participants. Many additional moves were made in the Pine City area to accommodate the rapidly growing population, and PHASE South relocated to Beroun, where they currently serve a population of 77 program participants.

    In 1993, the organization changed their name from Pine County Developmental Achievement Center to Pine Habilitation and Supported Employment, Inc.(PHASE), which better reflects our mission of providing employment opportunities through services delivered with an emphasis on individualized supports.

    In 1996, PHASE went through their first CARF survey process, and received a three-year accreditation. This survey is a peer review process, which verifies that PHASE meets exemplary quality standards, and additionally enables PHASE to contract with other state and local agencies that serve persons with disabilities. PHASE has continued to receive a three-year accreditation each survey cycle. 

    In 2001, PHASE constructed and moved into a state-of-art building in Sandstone, where PHASE North is currently located. At that time, PHASE expanded its scope to include services to persons with severe and persistent mental illness, through various employability grant opportunities.

    PHASE purchased a vacant building adjacent to the PHASE North location, which was remodeled and renovated into the PHASE Recycling Center in 2009. PHASE Recycling Center currently employs 25 program participants daily, as well as 10 staff. PHASE Furnishings, (located at our PHASE South site) was launched in the fall of 2010. Today, PHASE North, PHASE Recycling, and PHASE South serve a population of approximately 198 program participants.

    We appreciate your support as PHASE continues to excel as an innovative bridge to employment in Pine County and surrounding areas.